Durable, easily machined, and esthetically pleasing

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What is it?

Liberty Wood® is resin-impregnated, compressed wood. It is built using 1/16" thick birch veneer.

A phenol-based resin system is infused into the wood fibers which acts as a plasticizer and gives the final product its hardness and esthetics.

Our Capabilities

1. Thicknesses can be 3/16" - 4.00"

2. Color combinations

3. Cut to size

4. Milled

5. Surface ground

6. Turned


Liberty Wood® is desired for its durability, dimensional stability, and beautiful fit and finish.

  • Esthetics

    Comes in a wide variety of natural and special colors. Different colored layers can be combined to add contrast. This material only requires sanding and polishing to achieve a varnished appearance, no additional coating is needed, though can be added if desired.

  • Warp Resistance/Dimensional Stability

    Highly resistant to water and humidity change, less than 1/10 that of normal hardwoods. Equilibrium swelling and shrinking is about 1/4 that of normal woods.

  • Machineability

    Cuts cleaner than normal wood and is highly resistant to chipping. Can be shaped with a lathe or CNC machines equipped with metal working tools. Sanding and buffing/polishing is required for finishing work.