Guns and Knives

For use in handles and grips due to its durability and long lasting qualities. Textures can be milled into Liberty Wood® to increase grip and for esthetic purposes. A wide variety of colors allows for product variability and exclusive launches.


For use in both pool cues and tables. Due to its high impermeability to moisture, Liberty Wood® is very resistant to warping. Its density is close to that of phenolic pool balls, making for a smooth shot. The variety of colors and easy machining make it a simple, yet beautiful material to work with for butts, shafts, and inlays.

For tables, the variety of colors can add uniqueness to a table's design while also being resistant to wear and tear over many years of playing.

Construction and Interior Design

The perfect combination of durability and beauty. Impermeability to water and resistance to general wear and tear makes Liberty Wood® great for flooring and siding. The color variance makes for unique and exquisite inlays for floors and other decorative work.

Musical Instruments

Unique colors and combinations can breathe life into instruments like guitars, violins, pianos, and much more.

Kitchenware and Cutlery

Dishwashers are no match! The durability and colors of Liberty Wood® can amplify products like kitchen knives, kitchenware handles, cutting boards, pepper mills, and much more. This material has passed the boil test and will withstand any wear and tear thrown at it.


Salt water and the outdoors can wreak havoc on wooden surfaces. That is why impermeability to water is a must! Liberty Wood® offers that ability and a large selection of natural wood colors can add a timeless touch to the interior and exterior of a boat.


The sky is the limit! We are happy to send samples and work on new and exciting projects.